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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Astronut the page I quoted from Wikipedia was devoted to BOND ENERGY not BOND DISSOCIATION ENERGY.

Here is the link to prove it: Bond energy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is the first line of the webpage:

In chemistry, bond energy (E) is a measure of bond strength in a chemical bond.
And the second paragraph was the initial quote I gave you:

Another example: an OH bond of a water molecule (HOH) has 493.4 kJ mol-1 of bond dissociation energy, and 424.4 kJ mol-1 is needed to cleave the remaining OH bond. The bond energy of the OH bonds in water is 458.9 kJ mol-1, which is the average of the values.
So when you said the following Astronut you were completely wrong:

The article was actually titled bond dissociation energy for a reason; that's what it's talking about, and it even explicitly uses the words "bond dissociation energy" (as previously mentioned, equal to delta H on my graph) in your quote. You just proved my point, thanks for pointing it out again.
Are you sure you're being serious Astronut or are you having us all on?
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