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Default Re: BREAKING NEWS: Michael Jackson's Doctor killed him.

Michael Jackson had about 19 doctors in several countries.

I think they all contributed to his death together with the MIND CONTROL pigs who stole his life from a very young age and his father and mother who allowed them to do so.

The media is not a court of law.

They cannot try and convict Dr. Murray.

Dr. Murray is INNOCENT until he is brought to trial and adjudged guilty by a jury of his peers.

Michael Jackson, on the other hand, had enough money to pay-off the parent's of one of his accusers so that he wouldn't be brought to trial and, perhaps, found guilty.

Thus, the reason preying upon the less fortunate is the MO of the PIGS within this industry so they can dangle money in front of the faces of their accusers; buy THEIR silence and avoid a trial and possible verdict of GUILTY and imprisonment when accusations of criminal wrongdoing are waged against the PIGS!

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