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Default Re: The Feminism Project

Originally Posted by Milly View Post
The role of men and women has been changing.

In my age group it's really "cool" if guys wear tight pants. Most of the guys I know that do that actually wear girl pants. Or at least most of them did (or still do) even though I'm sure that they now make "girlfriend jeans" for guys the way they make "boyfriend" jeans for girls.

When I was little I found it strange that girls were allowed to wear pants and skirts and dresses, and guy were only allowed to wear pants. I thought it was unfair. Then once my mom explained to me that boys don't wear those items, I got uncomfortable wearing pants. I was four years old when I folded up all my pants and shorts, and left them outside my moms room. This was, coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidently, the same time period I would only respond to "Snow White" and only wear skirts or dresses.

What I don't understand is the current assault on classic gender roles. Once women were scolded for not wanting to pursue housewifery, and now they are scolded for pursuing it. I'm not saying that it's the only or best option for a woman, I just believe that it should be a viable option.

The same is true of men. What was once thought of as manly and strong has morphed into something strange... this "metrosexuality" as it's called. It's rather confusing. And it's difficult to date someone who spends more time getting ready than you do haha
So, Milly, does your wardrobe at present only consist of dresses and/or skirts?

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