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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Kindly inform me when either of the main posters on this thread has proven and/or disproven that the ISS and Space Shuttle are a hoax.
BlueAngel, that is for you to decide.

As for myself I would of course claim that I have already proved my case.

I think the main problem is that many who read my initial post either won't understand the science or won't take my word for it when I quote scientific facts. Astronut I feel probably fits into both these categories.

Of course Astronut has made the classic mistake, and a number of times now, of trying to knock down my science but while getting it wrong himself in the process. And its so easily done. Believing someone to be wrong is one thing but actually proving it with reasoned arguments is quite another.
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