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Default Re: Is homosexuality a part of Population control?

Originally Posted by Akbar View Post
Does anyone know of any research done to compare the increase in the popularity of homosexuality and the decline in birth rates during the same period? I feel that homosexuality is not only a form of population control, but also anti-family. Entire families are broken up when a person choose this lifestyle. I know we have some rainbow people on this site maybe you can weigh in.
There is a pretty decent piece of academic work on the Gale database. You can also review the sources for this work and read more about homosexuality and population.

Source Citation:Adriaens, Pieter R., and Andreas De Block. "The evolution of a social construction: the case of male homosexuality." Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 49.4 (Autumn 2006): 570(16). Student Resource Center - Gold.
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