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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
How do we know you didn't just download these videos from YouTube?
Why don't you send my account on Youtube a message if you don't believe me then? It's the same me and I'll verify it if you ask.
The second video is different from the first and the third doesn't play as all.
For some reason myspace videos don't like to play in embedded form, but this forum did that to the link automatically. You can get to the original video site on myspace just by clicking on the title. And yes, of course the second video is different from the first; why would I keep uploading the same video over and over? I'm always trying to improve my images with different cameras.
I wasn't entirely convinced either by that webpage of yours with the Shuttle launching and the bald headed eagle.
So because I'm trying to document every phase of the shuttle's flight I must be a liar? Or I'm a liar because I took a picture of a bald eagle? Serious non-sequiturs there. And if you think I'm lying about recording those videos of the space station, why don't you report me to flickr for using someone else's images? Let's see what they decide.

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