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Default Re: Is homosexuality a part of Population control?

The ancient greeks used homosexuality as a means of discovery of oneself and to ensure when they made that choice of 'marraige', it was the right one. Gay did not exist. The 'marraige' of same sex partners was an impossibility. 'Marraige' represents the true bondage of man. When two become one. You cannot become one with same sex. A positive and a positive, is a positive...a negative with a negative, is also positive. But neither can be 'electrified'. A new 'living' force. You need both negative and positive. As one. So it is absolutely normal, and natural, to have homosexual experiences and love it. But you cannot 'marry' same sex partners, because of the true essence of its purpose. To create a new 'being'. The fact same sex partners are able to adopt may seem quite ludicrous. But at the same time, it is a far healthier development for the child then having no-one care for them and love them. Everyone deserves to be loved.
The Gay phenomenon of today is a complete psychological war on the minds of our children. And it must stop. It is not ok to be gay, and you are not born gay. Gay, does not exist. It is an impossibility.
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