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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Personally I still think you're not using enough magnification to resolve it, but because you don't use computerized tracking and you're trying to view it directly, you don't have a choice in the matter.
With the eyepiece and magnification I was using I was easily able to resolve the rings of Saturn which has a similar apparent diameter to the ISS, and yet I could see no angular projections. The conclusion I came to is that this was because there were none.

It is also the case that whenever I have viewed the ISS, which is many times now, I have never witnessed any flashes as the silvery object catches the Sun. How do you explain this? Distant aircraft sometimes catch the Sun when it is low on the horizon suddenly bringing them into view and these aircraft don't even have the shiney surfaces the ISS is said to have.

And how do you explain the fact that the object I observed is always a pale yellow colour? These video images you show allegedly of the ISS are all white in colour.

There are at least hundreds of amateurs from all over the world who are capable of photographing ISS in their telescopes, and they all show the same thing.
And how do you know there are hundreds of amateur's all over the world who have seen this based upon these few images on YouTube? What about all the amateurs who have seen what I saw? How many of them fit into this category, thousands, tens of thousands? How do you know what the stats are, you were just using empty rhetoric.
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