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Default Re: Stealing the Rainbow and the Illuminati

I add something to this thought on the Rainbow and the Illuminati.

There is a way that the Illuminati could be destroyed. How, you ask? If we do not even know who is 'running' (exploiting) the world, then how could we possibly wage some counter-attack? There is another way to skin this cat, you know? But to do so could only come about by individuals who were united in a specific, detailed, holistic, and dedicated consciousness and world-view. What it would require is to match and market tit for tat every inversion of Rainbow energy that the Illuminati is currently marketing today.

I find myself constantly annoyed at hip-hop and rap music. I think it is violent, sexist, racist, ignorant, and debased for the most part. I have no appreciation of it and no respect for it. Then to my horror, I find that most women seem irresistebly drawn to it. That is why they are so enamored with night clubs.

There was a time in my 20s that I came to the conclusion that women must simply be based, low, unintellectual, creatures. But I found that it really was not necessarily the rhythem or energy that was turning me off but rather the light or consciousness that the music was promoting or projecting. When I would simply listen to the rhythem it has a steady, robotic, trance energy to it that is tapped directly into human libido and sexuality. Therefore, I conjecture that when a woman is moved by such, she may not have much control about it, because the rhythem itself taps into certain physilogical gearing within her that subconsciously puts her into a 'sex mood'. And this of course may not be expressed in explicite sexual contact, but is rather channeled into dance which is of a sexual nature.

Even this in itself is not bad. But it is how these energies are manifested, maketed, manipulated, and used that make them dangerous in malicious hands. I have an idea that the Illuminati are aware that energy makes the world go round. And number 1 at the top of the list is Sexual Energy within humans. They seem to be quite expert at inverting, misusing, and getting rich off these erstwhile good and benign energies within humans.

The only thing that could really counter-act such heartless piracy of man against mankind is to match every manifestation of such abomination and piracy with the aright and correct manifestation. I think that even the base rhythems and sounds of hip-hop and techno could be channeled toward positive ends. But it would require an independant fraternity, or church that was dedicated to promoting just such an ideology without resorting to greed and for the cause of the greater good of humanity, life, social responsibility, human dignity, and something novel among the greedy, rich, and powerful that may be a foreign concept to them - Love.

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