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Default Re: Stealing the Rainbow and the Illuminati

If my theory on the correspondance of Rainbow marketing in the music industry is correct, the follow should provide a perfectly acceptable manifestation of sexual energy. I mean this even in the holistic Biblical sense.

I think Ofra Haza was toying around with such ideas in her musical artistry, but she seemed to be having a bit of trouble capturing the right vibe. But she was trying and that is one of the reasons I made her my ...well...'muse' I suppose when I was translating Song of Songs.

But in my church background the idea of sexual dance was highly repressed and very discouraged against. This is unfortunate to me bcause this has allowed a market that should not exist for people to have an outlet that they should have had (even Biblically) all along.

My task is very difficult. First, I am having to deprogram myself from faulty and ridiculous church notions and traditions that have been engrained in me and are not of the liberating consciousness of Christ in this regard. Second, I am having to slowly become an Illuminus without becomeing a Luciferian.

The Illuminati are bending the rainbow one way, and I'm trying to bend it back the other way. I am honestly and truly an explorer of the right hand path. There's no ifs ands or buts about it. I am a Christian at my core. I just never thought I would have to pick up a cobra to find a staff of life is all.

The irony of it all. But I'm still going to see if I can grab this snake by the tail and turn it into a benevolant and focussed power in manifestation. God showed such energy and laws of nature through Moses and Christ. I don't see why such energies would not still be available for anyone who wanted to use them toward productive, creative, and beatified uses.

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