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Default Re: Stealing the Rainbow and the Illuminati

You know, I never would have suspected when I became a Christian that having some really good, orgasmic sex could make me a better, more holistic Christian. It sounds like an oxymoran and completely counter-intuitive.

Conventional wisdom suggests that theologians, ministers, etc are supposed to be the typical celebate, monkish, hermits who declare the morality and sanctimony to the masses.

That's all nice in theory, but it won't make you into a better image of God or make you more holistic or sanctified. It might however drive you half-insane. Trust me, I've tried it. And I believe that Christendom as a whole today is lacking the latent and correct sexual consciousness and force that is inherant to a rectified humanity.

I'm not really sure the task of the Illuminati was all that difficult. How easy would it be to fully manipulate the masses who were already half hoodwinked by a fake and self-righteous church? Christ never said anything about being celebate. In fact, it was Jesus Christ himself who stated that not everyone can be celebate. If one can be, well and fine. But if not, then do the honorable thing and have some hot sex with your wife and soul-mate.

If we did this we might find that black hole sun would suddenly become yellow and bright again and blood red moons would be the purest white.

But the first order of business would be to teach people individually to stop paying for what is of infinite value and was freely given to mankind to begin with.

How much does it degrade mankind to buy and sell Love? I suppose it is for this reason primarily that I can never have any real fear of the Illuminati. I have no respect for them. And I cannot possibly have fear of a group of people I have absolutely not the slightest amount of respect for. I have nothing but contempt, spite, and a loathing disgust of this group of elitist apes. Another mystery of this world to me is how so many could possibly live in fear of this group of degenerate pirates.

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