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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
With the eyepiece and magnification
What eyepiece and magnification, what stage of ISS's construction? I know what ISS looks like at various magnifications, so I'll know if you're BS'ing me or not.
It is also the case that whenever I have viewed the ISS, which is many times now, I have never witnessed any flashes as the silvery object catches the Sun.
ISS is massive, you wouldn't be able to see quick little "flashes" unless you resolved it very effectively because the vast majority of its brightness doesn't come from specular highlights (thus its appearance is unaffected when you're not resolving it as anything more than a point of light), plus because it's actively tracking the sun, its orientation with respect to the sun doesn't quickly change, so any change in brightness is gradual and not conspicuous. You can get glints though, as in this picture:
Note the star-like reflection off the radiator on the left side by the solar array.
And how do you explain the fact that the object I observed is always a pale yellow colour? These video images you show allegedly of the ISS are all white in colour.
Sounds like you mixed the color of the amber solar arrays with the white of the habitat modules. Either you're defocused, not using enough magnification, or just plain BS'ing about telescopically tracking it.
And how do you know there are hundreds of amateur's all over the world who have seen this based upon these few images on YouTube?
"A few" - so just how many do I have to waste my time posting when I know for a fact you'll just arbitrarily move the goal post back further saying "that's not enough." There are many of us, we swap tips over other forums dedicated to satellite tracking and astronomy, and not once have I heard anyone ever complain about ISS looking like a pale yellow ball.
What about all the amateurs who have seen what I saw?
Right now all I have is you and your word that some idiot flat earther saw what you claim to have seen while tracking it telescopically.
How many of them fit into this category, thousands, tens of thousands?
If there are tens of thousands, where are all the videos and pictures? Where are all the complaints on message boards? Right now all I see is you.
How do you know what the stats are, you were just using empty rhetoric.
There are currently 2,031 members of a group dedicated to satellite tracking using the software I use. Never once have I heard a single complaint from ANYONE who says they tracked ISS successfully but couldn't resolve the solar panels.
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