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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

ISS is massive, you wouldn't be able to see quick little "flashes" unless you resolved it very effectively because the vast majority of its brightness doesn't come from specular highlights (thus its appearance is unaffected when you're not resolving it as anything more than a point of light), plus because it's actively tracking the sun, its orientation with respect to the sun doesn't quickly change, so any change in brightness is gradual and not conspicuous. You can get glints though, as in this picture:
Note the star-like reflection off the radiator on the left side by the solar array.
Astronut, you are wrong. Reflections from the Sun off a shiney silvery surface can be huge. The example I gave of distant aircraft that are barely visible to the naked eye suddenly drawing our attention as they 'flash' momentarily in the Sun's light, shows the effect is significant. Besides I myself have seen other Earth satellites glint or 'flash' in the Sun. The effect is most certainly noticeable. So why doesn't the ISS do the same?

There are currently 2,031 members of a group dedicated to satellite tracking using the software I use. Never once have I heard a single complaint from ANYONE who says they tracked ISS successfully but couldn't resolve the solar panels.
Perhaps they are too shy to point the fact out just in case someone accuses them of not having their telescope in focus! Either that or someone has arranged to have their comments censured.

And also, while I remember, why is it these other images of the ISS you have shown us are all so steady and aren't moving all over the place in an apparently random fashion? What was the explanation you gave for this again Astronut? Something about a Barlow lens and a hard drive hiccuping?
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