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Default Re: Origional Songs Against The NWO

O.K.. The goal is to turn this poem into a hip hop framework.. This is a poem from Awake ..I think.. So what if nothing rhymes.. or there is no meter.. We will use this as the inspiration for the song.. and butcher his poem and make it have rhythm and rhyme.

by awake on 2004/12/16 16:44:43

listen, you who have stilled the fragment of intention about which opinion glides content with a secondary center
listen too, from the grave whose unfulfilled promise yields timeless space,
unresisting the vagrant echoes of a life now sleeping...
and all that cluster at the altar of a godless belief to mix communion in the light of a radiant wind from nowhere,
the chemical transmission of a mechanical deity , listen to the eloquent tension just beyond your ears whose tone has begun to decay, spreading accidental, partial sounds of alarm that sweep the solar dance floor...
the time long prophesized is here
no longer in abeyance
but sniffing at your window,
pawing hungry at your door...
the beast is in the streets,
leering from every wall
enchanting the children of our species
with cartoon violence
seducing innocence into the back seat
for a one way ride to oblivion
it's in the food, the water, the air
our bodies are held hostage
our minds are degenerating by the second
I have met with the Illuminati
they are two dimensional, mundane and supremely content to do what only comes naturally to the congenitally avaricious
you give them so much of your power
The planet is in the throes of a birth crises
struggling to bring forth paradise amidst all this poison
the kingdom of heaven is at hand
love your enemy
he is you, empowered by your reflexive self denial
nothing less than full metanoia is called for
put the divine presence in the full capacity of your
Jesus is with you right now
where are you? awake
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