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Default Re: Religion / Illuminati / ET's

I've perused Nexus casually for several years and occasionally bought it.

They put some good articles with straight out kooky bullshit like alien abduction...sorry..."woo woo land".

Not just what they write but how they write...alot is completely unreferenced and I have to take their word for it.

They should state unequivocally if the information is anecdotal or otherwise to be considered along with other ideas.

If I had a magazine along Nexus lines I would divide it into 2 parts.

One for well referenced material using government documents and scientific journals (theres tons of great mainstream stuff)...have they ever covered anything as basic as the Northwoods document? Ever put a photostat of the lines saying how they conned the public...the government of the days own paperwork?

They should put the highly speculative stuff in another part and name it that...highly speculative and anecdotal...pure discussion.

There referencing is pretty crap and some of the sources not exactly mainstream.

Take the report from Oz and the fire ball? 500,000 Perth citizens awoken? Who says? Why did they even say that crap? Were they counting? Did 500,000 people ring up? Why even say it? It smacks of a Joe Vialls report...fact mixed with personal speculation based on what?

They could do alot better. If they annoy me it's because they have potential and are poisening the well when a good article...say on put next to a alien abduction story. I cant use it.

I like the work by Nick Cook for precisely the reason of his style and referencing. If it's highly speculative he says so. He's reserved in his judgement and postulates alternative scenarios. He makes the reader think and ponder different possibilites.

There is so much bullshit easily exposed with a few references from mainstream work, I dont know why Nexus does'nt make a real attempt to 'mainstream' itself and reach a much wider audience.

Bottom's targetting an audience who already believes and is pretty slack on the evidence at times.

Take the claim there's a military base in Laverton W.A...i know most of em...never, ever heard of a base in or near Laverton or Leonora for that matter.

I'll make enquiries and tell you. If i'm wrong i'll retract my statement but i'll tell you now there's to much bullshit mixed in with Nexus's work...just little bits and peices that I notice that I no longer read it.

A good test is "could you use the magazines 'other' work to discredit their good stuff" and the answer is an unequivocal yes.

Even Ruppert tries to avoid that.

I have my suspicions.

Like I said...i'm dissapointed because it has so much potential for a wider readership.

Jeremy Stribling, one of the students, said that he and two graduates were convinced that many academic conferences had few or no minimum standards because their sole purpose was to make money. “We decided to test the limits,” he said.

It apply's to Nexus as well.

Taken from THIS's post.
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