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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
Do you think rules bad?

You tolerate me because you have to, I have broken no rules so the mods/admin won't ban me. Besides that, what have I written that is so beyond reasonable that your words make it sound almost unbearable.
It is sad that an adult male finds it necessary to belong to a group who imposes rules upon the members because, obviously, HE can't impose his own rules upon himself and needs others to do that for him.

You said that many of the members of this forum are intolerant and I commented that your statement was inaccurate because we tolerate you.

You stated that WE HAVE to tolerate you because you have not posted anything that would require you be banned.

You are right.

I am a moderator of this forum and you have not posted anything that would require you be banned.

However, we don't have to tolerate you.

There is an IGNORE function and those members who find you unbearable can certainly use it or just not respond to your posts.

Don't give yourself more credit for your presence on this site than you deserve.

You're not really that big of thorn in our side as you seem to believe.

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