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Default Re: Religion / Illuminati / ET's

My point was Drak they should stick to stuff just like that...Northwoods stuff and leave the other shit alone.

As for Vialls...i've always urged the reader to take care with him.

I have no such reservations with Dave McGowan.

There are dozens of times when Nexus has really guilded the lilly and I dont like it...that stuff with West Oz is bogus mixed in with reasonable stuff.

Aboriginal prospectors? End of the world? Does he have them on tape? If this guy is a researcher he should record interviews with witnesses. He could say whatever he wants...are you off to find the "two aboriginal prospectors" in the wilds of the Oz outback?

We get enough bullshit from the mainstream without more bullshit from a magazine which has a wide readership and makes money from it.

Perhaps Nexus is just on the recieving end of my current disapointment with the lack of a credible, non-partisan, truth seeking paper or magazine that does'nt turn out to be a front for the Republican Party or a NWO stooge.

But yes...I'd still rather have Nexus than not.

One more example of how easy it is to bullshit...Joe Vialls claimed that "aireal spraying" took place in W.A not to long ago with fibres released...and then he and others were hit by a 'deadly' flu that had him and others near death.

Well, having worked in Emergency Departments I rang a few friends..."any major deeadly flu epidemics lately?"...N-O-P-E,,,dead as a door nail...VERY mild season...but according to Joe it was on for young and old.

Such a SILLY little lie...why? Whats the point? To make a point? We need to clean up and stop quoting these people or at least voice our reservations.

Perhaps I'm simply voicing what i'd like to start doing myself.

I'd like to hone my amature research down a little.
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