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Default Re: What 911 conspiracy???

People are led to believe the government has all this power, that they make all these important decisions and they make the laws.. The truth is the people who control the money control the government, and thus they control the world.

Without major banks the government would have no money, just like you and I we take out a mortgage to buy a house, well the government takes out loans to pay for everything that runs a country, war etc, this money must be payed back but the only way to pay it back is to make money off the population of the world, so WAR, and taxes are the main income the government makes. The money made from these taxes and war etc are used to pay off the loans, but we are led to believe tax payers money goes to roads, schools, unemployment benefits, etc, this is totally inaccurate.

The system is far more complex than we are led to believe.

So 9/11 had nothing to do with the government, it was major banks wanting their money NO MATTER WHAT, and they forced the government to take any action to gain large amounts of money, so they decided to capture all known large deposits of oil to pay back the banks.

The whole world is run by banks, you can't earn any money without it going through a bank or you are a criminal in their eyes.

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