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Default Re: Why so called "Satanic Ritual Abuse" and so called "Mind Control" is Bullshit

Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
Ritual abuse doesn't exist. There is no "Satanic conspiracy", just a collection of right wing religious fanatics and their conspiratorial delusions. However there IS a Catholic/Christian ritual abuse conspiracy.
Sorry but you're wrong. There are many groups of powerful people in the government who use satanic rituals and numerology to their advantage, look at 9/11 for example..

1. New york is the 11th state
2. The first plane that crashed into the twin towers was flight 11
3. Flight 11 was carrying 92 passengers.. 9+2=11
4. September 11 ... 9/11 .. 9+1+1=11
5. total number of victims in hijacked planes was 254. 2+5+4=11
6. September 11 is day 254 of the year, again 2+5+4=11

If you think this is all a coincidence.. go into Microsoft word or a word processing application and type in these letters in capitol letters.

Q33 NY

This is the flight number of the first plane..

Highlight Q33 NY and change the font size to 48 then change the font to wingdings..

If satanic rituals are not present then why do we have this result?

This is a basic numerology ritual which signifies a relation between numbers and events.

It is a very very common thing people just don't take notice of the actual evidence.
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