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Default Re: What 911 conspiracy???

I like this junior member's reply, give us a name and keep posting!
At least he had sensible things to discuss other than hidden cameras in our cellphones and took the initiative to talk about something Government!

The Us gov sucks man!!! They are scared of every shadow that crosses their path and, unfortunately for the American people, they are even scared of bank managers!!!
Do you remember the war in South America involving Great Britain say about
1992 -1993? Something about terrorrists trying to empower themselves with french Jets and such? Well the US is so coward that they boast ALL this power over South America. I still do not know how the hell the UK was given the go to deal with the situation when it was such a meager war that the US could have solved it with nothing but army personel on FOOT!!! OR was it because the US banks on South American banks???... There's a thought...
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