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Default Re: What 911 conspiracy???

It's not only the US government that "sucks" It's government in general. To fully understand how a government works you must trace it back over 800 years and understand how this system was created and why the system was created before you can understand how it works.

It begins with a bank, the bank has wealth which in those days banks were wealthy private individual lenders who allowed other less fortunate members of society to borrow money from them, they were very wealthy people and because of their wealth they would write special "laws" to force the borrower to pay the money they borrow with interest. Usually these wealthy people were members of royalty or they worked for members of royalty so the king and or queer would grant these people special rights to make special laws in order to bring prosperity among the kingdom, but the royalty also wanted this wealth so the individual lender did not become more wealthy than the royal throne, so they introduced taxes which forced the private lenders to pay a specific amount of gold to the king or queen for the laws and rights to profit from lending money.

Then the taxes were made as laws so it forced all members of society to pay, the private lenders (banks) would lend money to blacksmiths so they could make a specific amount of weapons and armor the kingdom demanded, but they had to pay tax on the loan and one the profit they made from the items they were making, so the individual was always in debt.

The royalty etc would profit from these people making a hard living while they borrow money and struggle to pay it back all the profit goes to the lender and the king/queen.

Groups of people would be hired by the king/queen to take responsibility in the collection of the money and over time more and more people would be hired for different jobs until eventually there was a group of people doing all the thinking and acting on behalf of the kingdom.

These people were known as the government.. They had no real power but the majority of society knew them as being responsible for specific duties and this took attention away from the royal family and the responsibility of the kingdom was no longer directed towards the king/queen but towards the government.

This was a very good and effective way of pushing the responsibility of specific actions onto another person or group of people and the real people making the decisions never had to answer to what and how things were being run.

The government is the same today as it was throughout all history. Members of society take the roll of being responsible for specific decisions and actions made, they take responsibility for things going wrong and they take credit when it goes right.

The president of the U.S is very similar to a president of a company, the U.S president has only one real job, that is to sign paper, take responsibility for the entire country and the actions the country takes in war etc and to bring a sense of control to the population, it's like running a massive company you have to keep all of your employees happy or fool them into thinking they're happy so the business continues to make money.

But the president has no real power, he does not make any real decisions other people make the decisions and he stands up and represents those decisions and represents those actions as if he was the person responsible for the decision to begin with, when in fact all he is, is the face behind the responsibility.

That is why there are so many wars to create democracy, it is easy to fool the population that they have some sort of say in what happens in the world when all it really is, is an ideological way of living under a communist world government.

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