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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by GR0ND View Post
Astronut you've done an admirable job but I think BlueAngel may be right about the thread in general, there is no amount of evidense, logic or reason that gale will accept. It's a religious belief for him now and unassailable by any arts you posses. Soon the shape shifting reptilians will be coming out and they are nasty.

Thanks! I agree, I'm pretty sure he can't be convinced, though I'd love to see his reaction when seeing the space station through the eyepiece of a telescope that's automatically tracking it. That would separate the trolls from the sincere. I enjoy learning his arguments, which is the main reason I continued to post this long; to find out everthing that can be thrown at me so that I can prepare myself against any argument the next time someone accuses me of faking my images or videos. I think this bone's been picked clean, but it's been fun.
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