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Default Re: APRIL 19th Holy Occult Day for the New Pope


The Satanists and occultists indeed believe in numbers instaed of God, they think the numbers themselves have special powers, this is called witchcraft (or divination) and is condemned by God.

They may also choose special dates for their evil sacrifices, but just think for a minute, if God didn't want their schemes to succeed on the specific date they have chosen, would it succeed anyway?

God is the ultimate controller, 19 is but a sign to remind us, 1 is the first number, 9 is the last, thus signifying the Alpha and Omega, God Himself.

Did the occultists design your hand with 19 bones? your body with 19x11 bones? why does the sun, moon and the earth become aligned once every 19 years? Halley's comet visits us every 19x4 years, even the length of pregnancy is 19x2 weeks? 19 is God's signature in the universe.

[74:30] Over it is nineteen.
God\'s alternative, USN

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