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The following was in my Private Message in box.

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You have to wake up ASAP!


A lot of people are spreading dis-information, and are misleading the general public. They are in
actuality disinfo agents being paid to spread lies, so the truth can not be found.

However, when you realize the illusion and the lie, then you will only be left with the truth.

Whatever that is Not the truth is a lie. Remember That.

These disinfos are spreading panic and mass paranoia when in reality it's the exact opposite happening.

You think you know everything that there is about the New World Order, Illuminati, Aliens, 2012, Occult
Symbols, Reptilians, Parallel Dimensions, Devil and God, etc.

It's Not what you think it is.

I can not explain it via a message, it is Too risky.

You think you know about the New World Order?

I Promise you this is Nothing like you've ever heard of before. This is Real information kept secret.

I'll explain it here:

They will ban me soon for having this info spread. Remember disinfo agents are everywhere.
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