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Default Re: The Truth About the Swine Flu Epidemic

Originally Posted by I cannot be fooled View Post
There are two possible scenarios for this outbreak..


Biologists created this virus in labs, but they didn't think the human immune system would be strong enough to quickly adapt to the virus and make it basically useless within only a couple of weeks.

The first few people who caught this "virus" died but after that, the spread and severity of the flue was reduced mainly due to the spread from human to human weakened the virus from host to host until it ended up being like any regular flu..

2) The government and media made it all up, there was no real swine flu, it was a regular flu which mutated slightly and they made it out to be some massive potential pandemic..

It reminds me of when the tsunami smashed Indonesia, now every time there is an earthquake we are feared with tsunami warnings all over the coast.. But nothing ever happens...
The SWINE flu did not end up being like any other regular flu.

The REGULAR flu causes more deaths than the SWINE flu has thus far.
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