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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by GR0ND View Post
Astronut you've done an admirable job but I think BlueAngel may be right about the thread in general, there is no amount of evidense, logic or reason that gale will accept. It's a religious belief for him now and unassailable by any arts you posses. Soon the shape shifting reptilians will be coming out and they are nasty.
Why is GROND going on about shape-shifting repitilians if he is so rationally minded?

Or perhaps his remark is a rather poorly concealed threat. If there are any shape-shifting reptilians out there then they are likely to be Nazis in disguise. And GROND himself might have a problem with them one day if what has been going on eventually catches up with him also. At least I'm better prepared.

Thanks for admitting the 30 second limitation; that would make those long and boring zero g press talks on orbit impossible to fake, wouldn't it? I've seen some last for a half hour or more on NASA TV without any breaks or cuts from camera to camera. Can't do that on earth, at all.
In my experience Astronut they either always cut to the interviewer or some cheap special effects have been used such as all being seated with brylcreem in their hair to make it look like its floating in zero 'g'.
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