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Default Re: The truth about the murder of Michael Jackson will never be exposed.

The more I hear on the radio Michael Jackson was a drug fiend, the more I believe he was murdered. He had to have been the gayest man who wasn't gay. Drugs. Bahahaha. They said he used to drug himself unconscious on flights because he feared crashing, and had a private doctor with him to administer them for him. What a crock of shit.

The only way to win is to never buy 'anything' of michael jackson. See if you can. Even 'I'LL' be watching the specials. Apparently going to be 1 billion people watching this 'memorial' show on tv soon. Sigh.

In the local paper here, they had nine shots of MJ, from young, to now, you know, those 'look at his transformation' photos. The last of which was that 'imposter' from the 'this is it' promotional media appearance.
Michael Jackson's Death: Media Hoax Part 2

What's up with that?

What's more fucked up, the mrs, who absolutely loves MJ, had to really really look to see if it was him or not. The media are damn good at what they do. Especially when the majority are thinking it an impossibility the media would be involved in all of this.

Eh. It was probably an honest mistake. pfft.

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