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Default Re: The Truth About the Swine Flu Epidemic

Or how about: When the Democrats swept to power in 2008, the new overwhelmingly Democratic Congress started making inquiries into potential crimes committed by the Bush Administration. OBama himself mentioned that former Bush officials could be held accountable and possibly indicted for crimes committed during the Bush/Cheney regime. It was about that time that word came about of a new type of influenza appearing in isolated areas around the world, and considerable concern was given to the potential virulent nature and morbidity of this strain. Parallels were drawn to the Spanish influenza outbreak of 1917-18 in the press. Any mention of possible inquiries or criminal indictments of Bush officials were quickly dropped..... Do you not think that this was, in effect, a covert warning by Bush operatives to Congress....., that they shouldn't dare proceed with any inquiries or indictments of Bush administration officials - unless a terrible pandemic be placed on the U.S. and the world??? I know what this means... It is a terrible truth..., but a truth of which we should all be aware. And this is probably not the only time that such tactics have been employed by the far right... I am particularly suspicious of the AIDS epidemic, which came about in the early days of the Reagan administration. Here was a disease that targeted principally homosexuals and promiscuous heterosexuals - a disease that was tailor-made, in effect, for the views and dogmas held by the Religious Right, or the Christian Evangelicals, who were Reagan's core constituency... I will no longer hold any illusions about the government in this country, and neither should you, for the people who aspire to positions of supreme authority are prone to abuse that power, and sometimes in very insidious ways. We are still witnessing it today....

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