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Default Re: The Truth About the Swine Flu Epidemic

Originally Posted by Fahrenheit 912 View Post
Whoa..... You are really quick to the draw..Mr. Angel. This forum really appears to be a grand obsession with you... You fancy yourself an accomplished editorialist. That's too bad, because you aren't, quite frankly, going to be appearing in the pages of "The New Republic," or "National Review" anytime soon - sorry, it just isn't going to happen....But then let's face it, none of us here are really up to the same standards as Michael Kinsley or William F. Buckly. We're just wannabes with a public forum, that's all. But we do have one advantage over the legitimate press - we can say pretty much what we want to say..., they, quite frankly, can't. Do you know why??? Because in doing so, they would be jeopardizing their very lives, and quite probably the lives of their friends and families. That is the quasi-fascist nature of the government in this country. If you are a recognized, legitimate journalist in this country, there are certain things you had dare not touch on, unless some terrible tragedy befall you. During the years of the Bush administration, the press became a mere vestige to an out-of-control fascist/ imperialist state, and the truth became a total orphan. at least until the internet gave us some respite from total censorship and repression. Now, as to the relationship between pending congressional inquiries/indictments of Bush officials and the appearance of Swine Flu in the world .... Oh, the hell with it for right now. I'm on eastern time and it's getting late. I'll have to continue this thread tomorrow....
Mrs. Quick Draw McGraw here.


This forum is not a grand obsession with me.


I don't fancy myself as an accomplished editorialist.

I have no desire to appear in the pages of The New Republic or any other publication.

I'm quite fine right here on this forum.

You are a wannabe, and not I.

I understand exactly why the PRESS reports as they do.

The drama continues with the inquiries; investigations and that's all it will ever be.


Do you think they're actually going to put Bush/Cheney behind bars?
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