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Default Re: False anatomy

get_real wrote:
fingers are phalanges = 14 bones,
then there are the metacarpals (5 bones) between the phalanges and the carpals (wrist) = 8 bones

Even though the wrist is a joint, it is part of the anatomy called the hand. Totalling 27 bones.

When you break your hand, the doctor does consider the wrist as part of the hand. However, you will see the doctor specify wrist if it were the wrist. But the wrist is part of the hand.
I simplified and said that "fingers had 19 bones"-
it is not fully correct , of course ,
but phalangs and mecarpal bones = 19

Just one thing -
Wrist , as a joint is something that - in syndesmology, we call articulatio manus and actualy this "joint" represents five differenet joints

Articulatio radiocarpea
articulatio mediocarpea
articulatio carpometacarpea
artuclatio carpometacarpea pollicis
articulatio ossis pisiformis.

On the other hand, wrist, in osteology represents group of 8 bones divided in two lines.

Well, this is absurd discussion- but I just want to say to Ahmad that if you want to claim something get your facts right.
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