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Default Re: The Truth About the Swine Flu Epidemic

Interesting points.

I guess I had assumed that the H1N1 was probably man-made, and perhaps didn't deliver the kind of death and destruction it's makers had hoped for.

I believe it might have been used as a diversion... but what I believe it was supposed to divert us from was possibly how Obama isn't following through on his promises, and the massive amounts of money he's throwing about with little regulation.

Also, like BlueAngel said, I think it's to instill fear, and possibly also to use that fear to alienate us from other countries. Possibly this is to make us more "patriotic" (in their sense of the word) so that our government can continue to rape and pillage while we decidedly look away and let it happen.

912, I think you might be on to something, though... with our government using diseases to target specific groups for their own purposes. However, I believe that the left and right are just to sides of the same coin... I think they probably bow down to the same masters. Anyway, I want to look more into that. Especially, like you said, with the AIDS epidemic... I haven't read anything about it in a while... are they still saying it started with the monkey?
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