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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

In my experience, they don't always cut to interviewers, and anyone looking with a shred of honesty can tell their hair is naturally floating; it isn't stiff, it's floating. You can also see the effects of zero-g in the way the microphone and its cord are constantly floating, especially as they pass the mic.
Astronut, can I ask you to quote your source of reference on this one please if I am to give it further comment.

But from reading Mr. Alexander's other posts, I'm getting the impression he may believe that space flight is not even possible. So I'm curious about the Apollo moon landings, other space programs, geocentric theories and flat earth.
Saying space flight is impossible per se is different from suggesting it is technically extremely difficult and that it has been hoaxed for dishonest reasons. It is the latter view I hold and not the former.

Look at the old Gemini photographs supposedly taken from Earth orbit. In many of these photos the land is uniformly brown throughout. Africa is shown as uniformly brown throughout but what about the lush jungle of the Congo Basin? And north of Africa is a perfectly brown Europe and a brown UK. How do you explain this? Are the colours on these photos not real and if so why? We have never been told the colours on these photos are false.

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