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Default Re: A truly fascinating theory behind Christianity.

Originally Posted by Old Norton View Post
This guy is apparently a very respected historian who has written lots of books. Check it out.

Genesis of the Christ Myth
I killed Christ and drove the nails in his hands and laughed as he screamed in pain.
I scourged him and saw him writhe in agony.
As he died I spat in his face and pulled his beard.
Then I cast him in to a pit filled with dung and watched the vultures eviscerate his flesh, disemboweling him. They tore through his emaciated torso and devoured his lower intestines. They ripped his eyeballs from his head, reaching in to his cranium and devoured his brain.

Christ is Dead. Moses is Dead. Mohamed is Dead. Only I remain. God is dead . Only the Dark Side remains.
All who stand before us will fall before us. Not God, Christ, Moses or Mohamed can save you. The Dark Side is power personified and the Aeon of Darkness approaches.
If you stand up before us, you will die before us. We will kill, torture and impale anyone who dares to do so, without mercy, pity or compassion. Those who remain will be our slaves.
WE ARE GOD! Fuck your godlings and bow before us, or die!
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