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Default Re: Origional Songs Against The NWO

The rewrite would look like this...

You have stilled the fragment of intention from the center.. The timeless place from the graves that you enter.

Unresisting echoes of a life now sleeping, while you cluster at the alter while your children are weeping.

Nothing is left but a full metanoia.. Promising a notion of total parannoia..knowing that the dogs just might want to destroy ya..

(chorus)...Do you Get my drift.. Are you awake?... Do you Get my drift.. are you awake?

(Somebody else can write the secound verse using awake's words)..

This is collaborative art where everybody is equal.. Go for it... When we get four or five verses.. I'll record it.. and shoot it back to you guys to add on a lead guitar line when we get to a bridge... Use my track as a base and climb on top of it... Let's see what we get.
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