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Originally Posted by Holiness Preacher View Post
There was something going on. mike liked something sexually, whether it was boys, women or men. There is not a superstar singer or rapper that you wont hear aallegation against. prince has a reputation for being a great lover from all the women he produced, like sheena easton, apallonia, and shiela e. I think he is in hell for it, and the flames dont go out there, see for yourself. Heaven or Hell for Micheal Jackson: From the Theologianís Corner | Relijournal
I will torture you..slowly. I will desecrate your wife before you and laugh as you cry in anguish.
Asw I kill you, we will do an experiment. If your dead Christ can save your worthless ass, then I will repent. But if as I stahb you, burn you, and shove a stake up your ass he can't, then you WILL KNOW that CHRIST IS DEAD AS IS GOD!
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