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Default Re: False anatomy

Hello , more funny hair-splitting discussion

Get real-
trust me - eight bones (os scaphoideum,os lunatum,os triquetrum,os pisiforme,os trapezium,os trapezoideum,os capitatum,os hamatum -and sometimes -but very rarely os centrale carpi) that represent wrist -are the part of the hand.
As I said there is a confusion over the term wrist.
Wrist,in english, is both joint (syndesmology) and group of bones osteology)

In anatomy, and greek language you differentiate
wrist -that is joint and it is designed -articulatio manus
and wrist that is group of bones- and it is designed "ossa carpi" (os du carpe,in french)-"bones of the hand"
Wrist as a joint is not part of the hand but wrist as group of bones (ossa carpi-is part of the hand -just like its anatomical term implies bones of the hand".

Oh,I studied bones for weeks as a medical student,long time ago.
(well this is "revealation of my identity" but I am medic,doctor)
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