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Default Re: views on animal human-hybrids, the pros, the cons, and the reasons.

Originally Posted by TheFoxIsRight View Post
just wanted to start something about it and im not sure if this would go under conspiracy but chances are it might.

hybrids made from humans and animals (think furries werewoves/werecats ect) some good things and just as many bad however people don't really think about it from a sientific standpoint and those that are scared of what it is or influenced by others into thinking its all bad without trying it themselves will most probably 'diss' it.

so im hoping to get views from everyone furry fan or not (i don't see reason they can't be that and a conspiracy nut at the same time) to talk about it in reality.

anyway my pros and cons
pros : much more adaptable (fur could) and could (if it were to end up like in the stories) remove birth controle for some except for a little while (heat cycle).
boost to indivduality of beings with higher inteligance

cons : as with a better immune system there is more that is harmful too.
raises a funny question, do they need doctors or vets.
could alter life expectency.

thats everything i could think of and now i want to know what everyone thinks and also some questions so we (as a group) can see if this would be a good idea for mankinds last ditch attempt at survival (or if people just wanted to do it).

p.s if my spelling sucks i am sorry
Why do you think that mankind has one last ditch attempt at survival?

I don't think the word "HUMANS" appears on the list of those species who are in danger of becomming extinct.

For goodness sakes, India has a population of one billion, not to mention the fact that China surpasses them.
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