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Default Re: A truly fascinating theory behind Christianity.

I am a skeptic of a lot of things, however christ being a lie, your on your own sir.
Show me evidence that he actually existed, and I will retract my statement. I'm sure you will find NOTHING, but heresay. The bible was comprised by the government authority at the time. The cross itself, was found by none other than the emporer's MOTHER some 300 years after his alleged death.
Muslims believe he was never captured, and a 'patsy' was in his place.
There is no written official documentation on Jesus, even though documentation exists on all other citizens much like today.
I assure you, the deeper you go into the history of the man, the more you will see a web of lies, deceit, and nothing more than scripture written by over 40 different men, who had never spoken, or even seen HIM.
The history of a 'christ' goes way back to Egyptian mythology. He did not die on easter day. This is an old pagan tradition, the eggs and all. Christmas? Noone has ever known the actual date of birth, because no documentation exists. Christmas too, is an old pagan tradition. Presents too.
Pattern.....Horus, the egyption god of light. Crucified, born to a virgin mother, rose from the dead to save humanity. His symbol was the star. Apollo, the sun god and most revered. The star of David. Jesus on the cross, a star. Yes, the SUN is our most loved and worshipped God. But if you look in scientific terms, ALL life is ONE life. One God, with many faces. Just happens the SUN is the most powerful, or important, face of all.
If you need to believe, believe in yourself!

i am Alive
i am Life
God is Life
i am God

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