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Originally Posted by albie View Post
>>Better find your way back to the herd because YOU cannot win here.

This clearly suggest I am a sheep. Unless you think I am a shepherd, which is worse because that would mean I was a conspirator.

Either way you are insulting me for no reason.

>>I highly doubt there is vaccine or that there will ever be a vaccine available that turns people into sheep.

Highly doubt? I highly doubt that Bush would order the destruction of the twin towers. How can you highly doubt it? Are you a scientist? There are already chemicals that dull the brain.

So you are going to take the swine flu vaccine then?
Ah, excuse me, but you, in your own words, said it was better to be a sheep.

Not I.

Try reading what you write.

I highly doubt BUSH ordered the destruction of the twin towers.


There are chemicals that dull the brain?

How 'bout flouride?

Every hear of that chemical?
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