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Originally Posted by albie View Post
You admit that there are chemicals(fluoride) that addle the brain now? you were saying that wasn't possible with a vaccine. (yet to see your credentials on that one Doc) So let's presume it is scientifically possible.

I see you are avoiding answering my question about taking the swine flu vaccine. Presumably you have decided not to previously. But now I came up it would look dumb not to take it as you don't believe in vaccines that can dull the mind. Now face what I'm saying with intellect.

What would you do if the vaccine addled your mind forever but the disease was also real? You take the vaccine you become Carrot Top, you don't you become Michael Jackson.

It's a simple question. Pretend it is Dungeons and Dragons.

What do you do? I predict you will now avoid the question again.
I never said it wasn't possible to add chemicals to a vaccine.

I said that I highly doubt a vaccine could be developed to turn people into sheep!

I'm not avoiding your question about taking the Swine flu vaccine.

I haven't decided.

When and IF the time comes, I will decide amongst my family and you will not be included in OUR decision making process.

By the time the FLU season comes around, I don't believe it will be the SWINE flu any longer, so, most probably the vaccine they have developed for the SWINE flu will be useless.

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