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Default Re: The Long-awaited Truth

Originally Posted by yassin View Post
JAH is the source of all of the information that every single Living Soul on this Planet needs, in order to survive into the new Millennium. This site covers everything, from proof of our TRUE and, until now, hidden identity (who and what we really are), to the complete explanation of why the world is in the incredible mess that it is currently in.

Also on this site, is the True interpretation of many of the Ancient Prophecies, from The Holy Scriptures and else-where; including those of Nostradamus; which were given hundreds of years ago, and give details about the times we are now living in, and what is going to happen on Earth, in the very near future.

We sincerely hope that you take the time to browse this site and that you will tell your friends and family about it, as we are totally convinced that you will find it to be a Fountain of Truth.

The question is, what would you like to find-out about first?

JAH - Home Page

I love this little book, The way home or face the fire. Before reading this book I was very confused about religion. Is it a coincidence that Jews, Christians and Moselems have been at odds with each other and still are? Each one of these religions make claims to the holy scriptures but don't bother to read and follow what they say. If people would remove there egos and find out what they mean, they should notice that the Old Testament, New Testament and Holy Quran do in fact compliment each other. Jews, Christians and Moselems should work on there similarities instead of there differences. After all, were all children of God, right?

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