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Default Re: The Long-awaited Truth

Hi, thank you for your reply, BlueAngel. Respecfully I was quoting the author of this thread (Yassin) about how much I love this book called, "The Way Home or Face The Fire." The person that wrote this book is the same person that authors this website, he calls himself JAH. I don't think he's a peron, I believe he is from Gibraltar or Ireland. Sorry, i'm not sure why or how he claims to know the truth about UFO's since I have not read that part of the website. You can read what he says about UFO's on his website and make your own decision.

I can only explain why I think he is credible as far as his book is concerned, since I did read it. I have also read most of the books in the Bible and most of the books in the Apocrypha. Also have read many chapters in the Koran and plan to read them all. So far I believe he is correct in how he explains that most of these books fit together and should not be separated. He explains why he believes there are so many problems in this world and with these religions. I do not wish to convince anyone of anything, people can decide for themselves. If anyone is interested, here is a link to dowload this free book in PDF format:

The Way home or face The Fire | The Way Home or face The Fire

Thank you for reading my post.
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