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Default Re: Is homosexuality a part of Population control?

I suppose since you believe that MEN who are homosexuals CHOOSE to be such, you also believe that SERIAL killers CHOOSE to be what they are, as well.

An example that refutes your claim on another thread that EVIL does not exist.

You also said that GOOD does not exist on that thread.

If you cannot see GOODNESS, your heart must be stone.
Please don't tell me you actually believe serial killers are BORN with this intent. Please.

Of course they CHOOSE. Serial killers have their own reasons, fantasies, whatever. Killing, naturally, is a matter of survival. Serial killers have lost it, mentally, and what they do is, what you would call, evil. But it is THEIR way of surviving...even if only mentally.

Doing all you can to survive, is exactly what life is about. It's just unfortunate, it is all mental survival these days.

Some people think by killing themselves will help them survive their torment.

Killing is natural. Is killing evil? Because we kill everyday by the millions. For food. But only killing humans is evil? Oh, so killing someone who was about to kill you, or your child, or mother, or the president? Indeed it is good, in such a case. It is all based on survival.

When I say there is no good or evil, I mean our concepts of these words are based on legislation, morals, community or social values. Not reality. Reality, is knowing that life is ONE. And there is no part of life that is more significant or insignificant than the other.

If life were to be described as God, then god does not love good. He loves ALL.

There is no good or evil. There

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