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Default Re: The truth about the murder of Michael Jackson will never be exposed.

Originally Posted by Holiness Preacher View Post
If mike was doing dope, he is equally responsible for his death. It might be manslauaghter because the doctors alleged responsability in prescribing and administering the drugz, but mike had some drug issues, lets accept it. Heaven or Hell for Micheal Jackson: From the Theologian’s Corner | Relijournal
Michael Jackson is not responsible for his death.

That's what they want you to believe and obviously you have.

The mind controllers and his parents are responsible for his death.

Jackson had drug issues because the mind controllers addicted him to drugs, so they could kill him with drugs and portray him as a drug addict who killed himself via an overdose that HE didn't even administer to himself.

Jackson was finished within the music industry.

He was accused of child sexual abuse.

He was no longer an asset.

He was a liability.

Worth more to them DEAD than ALIVE!

Dr. Murray was HIRED by the "entertainment company" sponsoring Jackson's upcoming tour as Jackson's personal physician because they were aware of the what drugs Jackson was ingesting; what drugs would cause his demise and they needed a SCAPEGOAT to administer these drugs to him.

So, they hired Dr. Murray as THEIR scape goat.

They knew what Michael Jackson's drug requirements were and they hired Dr. Murray to do their dirty work for them.

They are co-conspirators who used Dr. Murray as their scapegoat.

Dr. Murray had financial problems and a shady past and he was offered millions to care for Jackson.

It would be beneficial if we could acquire more details into Dr. Murray's life.

Thanking you in advance,

P.S. Holiness Preacher, you can refer to yourself as such, but the rest of us here don't consider to you to be the same.

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