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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Your thread states that the Space Shuttle is a hoax, but you agree that it takes off from the Cape. So, kindly explain in 50 words or less what you propose to be the Space Shuttle HOAX and its' purpose.
Blueangel, I already explained my position quite clearly with regard to the Space Shuttle taking off from the Cape, as follows:

Blueangel, I don't deny the Space Shuttle takes off from the Cape but what it does after that is anyone's guess. Since it isn't really necessary for this empty shell to actually get into orbit, I suggest it tales a sub-orbital path directly into the sea.
And I still insist that you have misquoted me. I only suggested you knock on your neighbours door ONLY after you had scientifically established that the microwaves were coming from their direction using an appropriate detection device that I had recommended. I have read in books of sound authorship that the powers that be, based upon published scientific papers, have the capability if they feel so inclined to harass people using microwaves or microwaves which stimulate an implant connected to a nerve ending. And no GROND this is not paranoid twaddle this is PUBLISHED FACT which above board scientific papers prove.

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