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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Blueangel, I already explained my position quite clearly with regard to the Space Shuttle taking off from the Cape, as follows:

And I still insist that you have misquoted me. I only suggested you knock on your neighbours door ONLY after you had scientifically established that the microwaves were coming from their direction using an appropriate detection device that I had recommended. I have read in books of sound authorship that the powers that be, based upon published scientific papers, have the capability if they feel so inclined to harass people using microwaves or microwaves which stimulate an implant connected to a nerve ending. And no GROND this is not paranoid twaddle this is PUBLISHED FACT which above board scientific papers prove.
Oh, yes.

After I scientfically establish that microwaves are coming from my neighbor's house and are stimulating MY implant, I shall then knock on their door and when they open it, I will present them with my scientific EVIDENCE.

Case solved!

P.S. If it's not too much trouble, kindly provide the step-by-step instructions again that you claim you provided for me in the Mind Control within the Music Industry thread that will allow me to gather the scientific evidence needed to ascertain, without a reasonable doubt, that my one of my neighbors are producing the microwaves that stimulate my IMPLANT.

Oh, and, BTW, how is it that you know for certain I have an implant?

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