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Default Yea.. i'm pluggin a site! so what if it's kickass!?

Howdy friends! just wanted to plug my own site, if you're interested in any fringe subjects, or just intelligent discussion on the possibilities for the future of our planet and mankind, as well as being exposed to as much useful information and wisdom as possible! Check it out!! Reign of Idiocy
Anything that appeals to me and stimulates the mind will be posted and i would greatly appreciate it if you too, would expose me to anything of interest! I'm HUNGRY for more knowledge and wisdom so let's share!!

Basically, the site began simply because i felt at times, i saw things in a different light, only to go to my day job and forget all about it. If you really want to change yourself, you can't forget those wonderful flashes of divine intellect, you must maintain that state of mind!! You must never forget that which you felt you learnt from any experience. So fight the inner idiot and find an outlet for those awe inspiring moments of insight and revelation!


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