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Default Re: Is homosexuality a part of Population control?

Originally Posted by iHIMself™ View Post
Why does population control have to mean birth control? Mind control is far more useful.


albie said

It's amazing how much nonsense people actually believe. I suppose they have found people are born criminals too.
People are born people. I am not a Muslim, and do not believe life has been written for me. I am a living being. I can evolve and change into whatever is required for me to survive in the environment that I've been placed in. People CHOOSE to be gay, for whatever reason. Perhaps for their own survival.

On the topic of pewfage, I don't believe a law still exists for homosexual activity. But I can't see why they need to get married. Marraige is the union of Man and Woman, becoming One. This is in the bible itself. And government constitution. They can do whatever they do, and love each other for ever and ever, but they can't get married. That is there choice. Their sacrifice for one another. You can't change what constitutes a marraige just to appease people with attention deficit disorder who just won't take NO for an answer. There's only so much you can do for your spoilt little princess, I'm afraid.
People choose to be gay? I suppose you chose to be straight then? Can you tell us when you chose this option? I was kissing girls. or wanting to, when I was about seven. I never had any desire to kiss boys. I didn't make a choice to be straight. Most Gay people tell us that they were gay from the start.

I can guarantee you won't admit to having gay feelings because you hate gays and that is the reason you are on this thread attacking them. I'm not stupid. Most people know why you do this. Hate.

We are all born with traits that we would not be able to counteract. You bring up the idea of criminality because it is not proven. It is an easy subject to bring up that backs up your view. What about people who are born with higher levels of testosterone? They end up being a certain type of person. More aggressive. You cannot alter that with will alone. That hormone is genetically fixed.

You have NO proof that most gayness is choice. Just remember that.
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