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I've read that before...i'm willing to believe care workers can be ABSOLOUTLY ruthless and yet be shocked if you are shocked.

Should hear what they talk about once you're knocked out for your operation.

I came to be dead against abortion only in the last year.

I'd said many times to young women..."dont have IT, get an abortion, you're crazy".

Who was crazy?

I said this to a young female friend a couple of years ago...her boyfriend was a deadbeat and i thought..."oh yeh, more dead beats for the world"...

She was a Catholic (non practising kind) and went ahead. 9 months later beautiful Juliet was born. I held her in my arms as we walked back from a doctors appointment when she was 3 months old. Peacefully asleep and clutching my I gazed at her my friend said..."do you remember that you told me to have an abortion" hit me like a ton of bricks...could i now murder this child? I had to actually hold back tears it was so painful to realise something which now seemed so obvious.

That night I also happened to see "Passion Of The Christ" in the cinema. Without sounding to over the top...i cried my eyes out. One of those 'big awareness shift" moments that change your direction.

I dont know the exact answer...but i do KNOW that abortion is murder...pure and simple. Society has got to welcome life into this world and stop destroying it.

I have no doubts that infant organ dealing goes just fits so well with all their other philosophical outlooks...humans as a commodity.
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