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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

It would be beneficial if the OP of this thread and/or Stompk would explain what they perceive the purpose would be of a Space Shuttle and ISS hoax, but they don't.

Instead, Stompk states that he's questioned this before.


Where and when have you questioned this before, Stompk?

Stompk proposes that if the thrust of a rocket engine produces forward force by pushing against air, how does a shuttle move around in an environment without any air?

I don't know how it does this, Stompk, but, since you're the Rocket Scientist of the forum, why don't you explain HOW the Space Shuttle is a hoax because it can't possibly move around an environment without any air.

Don't provide any links.

Explain it in your own words.


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